Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom.

It’s here!!! I am so excited to share my Master Bedroom reveal! I’ve wanted to update our bedroom since we moved into our new home and the day is finally here that I get to show you the sweet changes that were made to this very blank space of ours. 

Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign

Let’s talk about the before, shall we?

When we moved into our new home 5 years ago, we hadn’t done much with our master bedroom apart from when we got a new mattress after looking at leesa vs purple mattress to see which was the best option for us. And you can’t even see the mattress! The space was simply boring and didn’t have much style or personality to it. Granted it was functional, but not the most warm, comforting and welcoming space. We had a dresser that used to be in our little dude’s closet, that was now in our bedroom turning into a junk deposit. Just to give you an idea, I had an old printer in one of the drawers. For what? No clue… 

So although I wanted to update the space, it was never a top priority for us, until now. Thanks to The Brick, we had the amazing opportunity to give our master bedroom a little update. 

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Brick. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign

Buh bye to the old and hello to the new! 

Featured Furniture: Acadia Nightstands || Georgia Storage Ottoman || Madrid Queen Bed || Acadia Dresser || Hampton Mirror || Dakota Area Rug 

For our master bedroom, I really wanted to incorporate a little color like mustard and blush, with more texture and natural elements like the wood dresser, greenery, and the upholstered bed. It added some much-needed “life” to the space. Although, a grey bed isn’t typically what I would go for since I have a clear love for all things white, I find it adds a nice contrast to all of my much-loved white elements. Can we also talk about the rug for a second!? Confession time… I’ve never had a rug under my bed before. I used to love the idea of rugs adding coziness and texture to a room, but never got one because I imagined having to vacuum way more often than I’d like. #TiredMomProblems With that being said, I truly feel like I’ve been missing out all these rug-less years. The cozy factor alone makes it amazing, and yes, I promise I’ve vacuumed as-needed!  

I simply adore the finish on the nightstands, not to mention all the extra storage I now have to really be able to keep it all neat and tidy. This girl needs a clean and minimal space to sleep at night. Too much things on my nightstand makes me feel like my google chrome with way too many tabs open. I mean, totally necessary, but too cluttered. ? 

Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. Grey, white, mustard and blush room. #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. Pillows on bed. #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. Nightstand styling. #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign Revealed: My Updated Master Bedroom. Breakfast in bed #bedroom #homedecor #bedroomideas #interiordesign

I have this thing with mirrors and storage…

I’ve wanted a large floor length mirror for like ever! Aside from the practicality of it, it also gives the illusion of a much larger space which I ain’t mad about!  ?

When designing our master bedroom, I knew that I needed to make space for some sort of seating area that when planning my outfits, would allow me to put my shoes on with falling (yeah, balance isn’t really my thing…) but that also had storage for my little sandals and flats. The Georgia Ottoman was the perfect solution. Small enough that it didn’t take up too much space, large storage compartment and cozy factor was an added bonus. I styled it with some cute pillows with the mustard colors I love from The Brick . They had loads of trendy and fun accessories in store, so it’s definitely worth making the trip for some cute finds. Pssst! The white vases are also found in store too!

There are a few things you see that I’ve kept from my previous room design, like my sconces and prints. For the sconces, I initially found these gorgeous gold ones, but after getting all the furniture in and set up, I kind of preferred the white instead (surprise, surprise.) Truth be told, I’m still undecided. Story of my life… As for the prints, they won’t be staying for much longer since I’ll be creating this really fun gallery wall that will add much more color to the space— I’ll be updating you on the process! 

A HUGE thank you to The Brick for making this Master Bedroom Makeover possible. I can now feel relaxed and cozy in my bedroom, and my little dude found himself a new hangout spot too. ?


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