Learning how to be a playful mom

Learning how to be a playful mom

When I imagined myself as a mother, I always thought that being a playful mom was my calling. I played with Barbies for as long as I possibly could and would still play with them when I have the opportunity to do so. I grew up in a household with 5 siblings and watched my younger siblings very often, so whether it be playing at the park or building tents in our bedroom, being that playful kid never left me. When I became a mom, I couldn’t wait for all the things my little dude and I would do.

Building forts? Check! I’m a pro! Race cars? Check! I can come up with the most elaborate storyline for this high-speed adventure! Wrestling? Check! I have many years experience watching WWF and have tried many moves on my siblings, so I know the safest ones to do!  

Well, little did I know things would be different with my dude. Being on the spectrum, I quickly realized that I had to learn how he likes to play and it’s okay if we couldn’t make up the most elaborate story lines for playtime or if building forts weren’t his thing. My little dude would rather play on his own and that was kind of hard for me to swallow. Yes, I understand that parents would love that “free time” of their kids playing on their own and I do admit that it can be nice, but when you sit down to play and your child walks out of the room, it stings a little. I had to learn how to get into his bubble and the only way to play with him was physical. Running, chasing, jumping, spinning, tackling, oh and finding ways to involve trains of course. So maybe all those late nights watching WWF did pay off…

 To me, being a playful mom meant just more than actually physically playing all the time. It meant being involved in my dude’s life. Being in this profession, it’s easy to be stuck on my phone or computer and get lost in the internet world, so making a conscious effort to be disconnected and be connected with him is a huge priority. I want him to have memories of all the time we spent with one another. Whether that was the silly fart jokes or the moments wiping tears, I want him to look back on his childhood and know that I was there. Sure, motherhood isn’t what I had imagined it to be, but we strive to make it awesome as much as we can with many bumps in the road. 

 Learning how to be a playful mom to my dude, meant that this heel-loving, hip-hugging jeans, fashion-loving mama, was in for a bit of an awakening. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still wear all my favorite fashion pieces BUT adding some stylish playful clothes to the closet was an absolute must! Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to bend down and stretch your arm out as far as you possibly can to reach a train that slid under something you never even thought was a possible, with clothes that are virtually cutting off your circulation or when your kid is asking you to do summersaults (even though you’re not the best at it) and you showed your booty to the world…Trust me, I know exactly what that’s like. This is why I fell in love with Sonnet James. Whitney combined her love for her boys and fashion, to create a gorgeous line of clothes for playful moms. Dresses and playsuits that remind you to be present and get down and play with your kids simply warms my heart. 

To make things even better, they are having a huge sale right now! You can check out the entire collection here and if you’re totally crushing on the floral playsuit I’m wearing, I am so sorry to say that it is sold out. ** insert crying hysterically emoji here** BUT you definitely need to get your hands on these gorgeous dresses with the same print here and hereNow, onto all the cute photos of my dude and I playing. I will cherish these sweet memories forever.Learning how to be a playful mom Learning how to be a playful mom Learning how to be a playful mom Learning how to be a playful mom Learning how to be a playful mom Learning how to be a playful mom Learning how to be a playful mom Learning how to be a playful mom Learning how to be a playful mom


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 I was kindly gifted the playsuit from Sonnet James. All opinions are my own.