Motherhood in Stilettos: Past, Present & Future

Motherhood in Stilettos. My blog, my baby, my sweet little corner of the internet. I’m sharing when it all began, what’s going on now and where do I see this going in the future.

Motherhood in Stilettos: Past, Present & Future


Not many people know this, but my little corner of the internet actually started back in 2011. I was a new stay-at-home mom with loads of free time on my hands. One day I found myself scouring the internet searching for lord knows what and somehow discovered The Rockstar Diaries (now known as Love Taza) and A Beautiful Mess. I was immediately sucked in and fell in love with this whole idea of blogging about things that I loved and was passionate about, and wanted to start one of my own. Not really knowing much beyond that, I just dove in head first and thus began my blogging journey. 

It wasn’t the prettiest or well thought out, but it was my little corner of artistic self-expression and I loved it. Sadly, I didn’t get too far on that new venture of mine. Life got busy, I went back to work and found myself pushing it aside for a few years. Somedays I found myself regretting not putting more time into it but those years were some of the most important years of my life. I went through an entire life metamorphosis and I came to be a better person. I won’t dive in too much about that since this post isn’t about those in between years, but I have written a post that would give you an understanding of that time, here.

 Finally, after a long blog hiatus, I decided to dive back in seriously and alas, Motherhood in Stilettos was born. Now with a much more clear vision, I was excited to get this new blogging journey started. Rotating between 3 of 4 of my favorite F words— Family, Fashion, and Food. I bet you want to know my 4th favorite F word, right?…Fruit ?

 The meaning behind the name was more than just fashion. It’s about helping other moms remain their own woman. Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing things that has happened to me. I truly felt like I wasn’t living my life until I had Jude. But with that being said, it’s so easy to get sucked into motherhood and completely lose a sense of who you are as a woman. For me, it was about keeping my love for shoes, fashion and all things beauty, as well as not putting aside my passions, personal goals, and dreams. I think that most moms (and women) can relate to that, and so I wanted to create a little community of women who’s beliefs and passions aligned with my own. Because I seriously love me some girl talk!

Motherhood in Stilettos: Past, Present & Future Motherhood in Stilettos: Past, Present & Future Motherhood in Stilettos: Past, Present & Future


A little over 2 years has passed since I’ve started this new blogging venture and I’ve gone through many confusing and growing stages. The confusing one? That’s when I had a mid-life blogger identity crisis and changed the blog name to Kristeena Michelle…Boy, that was an interesting one. After conversations with many people who weren’t like-minded, it got in my head that my blog was too “materialistic” and not “real” to the average mom. The “highlight reel” that was my blog, doesn’t appeal to everyone and I needed to share more in detail my life as an Autism mom. So, I tried it out and let me tell you, I wasn’t feeling itDon’t get me wrong, I love talking about my little dude and how truly amazing he is and share about the realistic side of life as an Autism mom, but I found myself getting lost in motherhood. This was turning into a blog about him and not a blog about celebrating motherhood and womanhood through artistic self-expression. But here’s where the growing stages come in. After a few months of realizing that I needed to go back to my original vision for the blog, those few months of being “Kristeena Michelle” taught me that I could open up and share more about our life and it’s ok.  

Now, more than ever, my vision is clear. Not only do I want to help moms remain their own women, but I also want to help moms with kids on the spectrum to live their lives like the average family, obviously with a few tweaks. I want you to know that that trip to Disney World IS possible. I want you to know that you CAN eat out at a restaurant. I want to share all of the best places to go and things to do WITH a child on the spectrum. There may be meltdowns and even a few hiccups and surprises along the way but I’m telling you, your life doesn’t stop just because we aren’t the “average” family. 
Motherhood in Stilettos: Past, Present & Future



So, what’s next? Where do I see this going in a year from now?


If there’s one thing that you need to know about me is that I get bored very easily. I constantly crave and welcome change and growth. Although nervous about the outcome, I still don’t let it stop me from doin’ my thang! Reading a blog and looking at pretty pictures is fun and all, but I want to make this platform more of a visual experience than it is now. I think this would be such a fun addition to the blog and a way that we can connect even more. I will keep you posted when my Youtube chanel launches!

Now I want to hear from you! What do you love about this blog, or what would like to see/see more of? 

 Stay Chic! xx


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