Kids’ Closet Makeover- Organization Tips

For many, the kids’ closet has become the pinnacle of dysfunction — a wasteland of clothes, toys, and odds and ends. The idea of sorting through a sea of clothes and figuring out where everything goes is why so many of us put it off for another day…or more honestly, another year! Well, I decided to tackle my little dude’s closet and although it took some time, it was totally worth the effort. Today, I am sharing my Kids’ Closet Makeover! A huge thank you to Home Depot for teaming up with us and making these projects possible!

Kids' Closet Makeover- Organization TipsKids' Closet Makeover- Organization Tips

His previous closet, although spacious for a little dude, wasn’t being utilized to its maximum potential. It became somewhat of a dump spot. Drawers were filled with all kinds of random toys that he didn’t really play with and all of his clothes were out of his reach. I knew that I wanted a functional setup that could allow him to be independent on picking his own clothes and has space to store a lot of his toys that would be in plain sight and mostly in reach. 

To help us achieve this functional and organized closet, we chose to go with the same organization system that we used for our master bedroom closet — ClosetMaid T4 Selectives 25 inch Starter Tower Kit and 3 Selective 5-Panel Drawer, along with loads of shelving. What I love most about this closet organization system, is how easily I can add to it when needed, and now having it in both closets, I am able to take from each set and add whatever I didn’t need in one closet and put it in the other.  For all the baskets, Micheals was having a great sale on buy one get one free and the promo is still going. ?


Most definitely the part I dreaded the most. Having to sort through all of his clothes and toys proved to be a greater task than we had anticipated but it was totally worth the sweat and tears. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic but I know many of you moms can relate. At first, you discover so many clothes and toys that provoke some major feelings of nostalgia but an hour into it, you just want it to end and you question why you even decided to open pandora’s box. 


Here’s the non-dramatic description of what went down. We sorted through his clothes with our very simple process — sort them into two piles. The first pile is for clothes that are ripped or stained that can be discarded. The second pile is for clothes that are in good shape but too small that can be donated or handed down. You can easily get through this part in under 15 minutes. We used the same method for the toys but that definitely took up more time. Once everything was sorted through, we had a clear idea and vision of what would be going into the closet and how we were going to organize it all.

Kids' Closet Makeover- Organization TipsKids' Closet Makeover- Organization TipsKids' Closet Makeover- Organization Tips


Jude’s closet had a much different set of needs than ours did. He has more toys than clothes, making the setup completely different. Although much more organized and neat, we ended up deciding on a similar setup that his closet previously had — Clothes to be hung on the left side and shelving on the right side. For the majority of his clothes, he’s now able to grab what he wants to wear and knows where to put everything back. We put his winter and summer accessories in two small wire baskets so that all the items are visible and all of his t-shirts, pajamas, boxers and socks are folded in the three drawers.   

Having a place for a lot of his toys was probably the most exciting part of his closet. We organized all of his trains and tracks in the baskets on the shelving. Jude set up a little parking garage for his cars at the bottom, and we had perfect spots to place the big awkward Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play sets. 

Kids' Closet Makeover- Organization Tips Kids' Closet Makeover- Organization Tips Kids' Closet Makeover- Organization TipsKids' Closet Makeover- Organization Tips

You know how I know that we did a good job on the closet? Jude’s reaction to it. Nevermind how much we love it, it’s all about our little dude and how much he loves it. He pretty much does the same that I do with our closet. He opens the doors and just smiles. That pretty much melted my heart and lets us know that we did well! We are so glad that we decided to tackle on this project. I think that the outcome truly speaks volumes on how we were able to maximize the space to its full potential. 

What space have you tackled and decluttered since the new year?

– Kristeena

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Kids' Closet Makeover- Organization tips and getting rid of that Kid Clutter for a kid friendly closet.