Motherhood Changed My Style

Personal style is about accepting who you are, owning it and rocking any outfit with self-confidence.

Motherhood changed my styleWhen I think back to the days before I became a mom, comfort and practicality were definitely not the words one would use to describe my style. My wardrobe consisted of heels, cheap boots and flats, tight jeans with zero stretch, tight tanks and tees, short dresses and short shorts. I didn’t care if a  pair of jeans didn’t allow me to bend down properly due to the lack of stretch, or if my shoes would give me the worst blisters. I wanted to look good and it didn’t matter what the price was, I loved it! Clothing and shoes made me squeal and get just as excited as one would be for a puppy!  motherhood changed my style

Fast forward to my current status: Motherhood

Motherhood has changed my style. Having a free-spirited stuntman for a little dude, my outfit choices are now comfortable and practical. I need to be able to keep up with him and restricting clothing and uncomfortable shoes, just don’t cut it. With that being said, I won’t sacrifice style for comfort either and these Vans Leather SK8-HI Slim Zip in Whispering Pink from Union Jack Boots are the best of both worlds. I can’t help but smile when wearing these pink Vans- They immediately brighten my day! I love pairing them with jeans for a classic laid back look and even with dresses.   

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motherhood changed my styleNow if you would have told me 5 years ago that I’d be wearing kicks, I would have laughed so hard and probably snorted. I was never a sneaker girl and felt awkward in them, and now I simply can’t live without them! I think my dislike for sneakers all those years back boils down to confidence and I think most women can relate to that. How often do you try something on and think you have to “look” a certain way before you can wear it or put this rule in your mind that only “this type” of person can wear this? I’ve done this almost my entire life but I have my dude to thank for getting me out of that rut. 

The way he struts his stuff with Nutella smeared all over his face and hair so wild it can’t be tamed, it’s inspiring and a great reminder to have confidence about who you are and owning it. Although you won’t see me with Nutella smeared all over my face, I’ve definitely taken his lead and rock any outfit with confidence.  motherhood changed my stylemotherhood changed my styleJude’s look: Hat- Lou Marine, Jacket- Zara, Jeans- Zara, Shoes- Vans

Erich’s look: Hat- Vans, Jacket-Aubainerie, Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters, Shoes-Vansmotherhood changed my stylemotherhood changed my styleMotherhood changed my style and I definitely say it’s for the better.

Has your style changed since becoming a parent? 


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Motherhood Changed My Style- For the better! Styling my Vans shoes from Union Jack Boots