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Today I’m doing something a little different on the blog and it’s very exciting! I’ve teamed up with BreAnna from Mom Beyond Mom, to show you guys indoor and outdoor activities for kids! So fun, right!?! BreAnna will be sharing 3 outdoor activities and I’ll be sharing 3 indoor activities. From chalk play to toy zip lining, you’ll have loads of fun ideas to play with your kiddos, no matter the weather! Once you’re done with this post, make sure you head on over to BreAnna’s blog to check out her awesome ideas!

School’s closed because it’s a snow day! Hooray!! Well now, what do we do?There’s nothing worse to kids than being stuck indoors. They get a little antsy, cranky and let’s just face it, BORED! These three indoor activities are sure to get your kids active and having fun! 

1- Train Track Take Over!


indoor + outdoor activities for kids | Collab

This was loads of fun and very easy to do. All you need is some masking tape to create train tracks. Have some fun with it and remember, there aren’t any rules! Make it go up the furniture and back down again, or make them travel around the house. If your little one is into cars, make roads instead and maybe even build a Lego city around it. The possibilities are endless.

indoor + outdoor activities for kids | Collabindoor + outdoor activities for kids | Collabindoor + outdoor activities for kids | Collab


2- Taste Safe Moon Sand Construction Site

indoor + outdoor activities for kids | Collab

What you’ll need is a few very common household ingredients and items. All purpose flour, Oil (canola or vegetable) and (optional but totally worth it) oil based food coloring, a bin and toys of your choice. To make the moon sand, I used a ratio of 1:8 (1 cup of oil per 8 cups of flour). If you want to add color/make multiple batches of different colors, it’s 2 cups of flour, about 8 drops of food dye and 1/4 cup of canola oil to make each color. Use a whisk to mix the ingredients and voilà! You have yourself moon sand.

indoor + outdoor activities for kids | Collabindoor + outdoor activities for kids | Collab indoor + outdoor activities for kids | Collab

From burying his hand and his toys, to making “Sand Men”,  Jude had a blast playing with it! It resulted into moon sand everywhere, but it sweeps up like a charm, so you can go and brush your shoulders off. Insert emoji with sunglasses, because that Jay Z reference was pimp.

Disclaimer: Unlike most moon sand recipes that use baby oil, this one is taste safe, but that does not mean that it tastes good or that it should be eaten. It just means that if your kids were to take a bite or two, they would be perfectly fine. 

3- Toy Zip Lining 



What you’ll need is two 3M Command Medium Wire Hooks that hold up to 2 lbs, pant hangers with clips and some curling ribbon. Instructions are very easy. Simply place hooks on opposite facing walls, with one placed higher than the other (your kids should be able to reach it) and loop and knot the ribbon through the hooks. Hang the stuffed friends and watch them fly!

IMG_2013IMG_1992 IMG_2000 IMG_2009

This one was Jude’s absolute favorite! Watching his stuffed pals zip line put him in a fit of giggles! Soon after we got a little creative and were figuring out how to make his trains and Legos zip line as well. If you have shower curtain hooks or even S hooks, simply find an area on the toys where you can loop and knot the ribbon into, then tie the ribbon on the hook and now more toys can zip line! 

Hope you guys loved these indoor activities and give them a try! Take some photos and tag them on social media with #motherhoodinstilettos ! I’d love to see your recreations and your little ones having a blast! 

Now head on over to BreAnna’s post where you can see some really fun outdoor activities! I mean, look at her daughter’s style!? I don’t think I looked this fabulous when I was her age! Yes, I’m totally envying a toddler’s style. Hashtag, no shame.

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Wishing you all a great weekend and a happy Super Bowl party! 


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