Meltdowns At Ikea + Awkward Posing

This past Wednesday, we made our way to Ikea. We are slowly in the process of updating Jude’s room and I got a whole bunch of prints that I needed frames for. After searching online for the best deal, Ikea was the big winner! Well, our time spent there didn’t exactly go as smoothly as we would have liked it. I’d like to say that most days I am able to predict Jude’s behavior, but that day most definitely wasn’t the case. When we arrived at Ikea, everything was fine. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat and everything went downhill from there. 

Judge me if you shall but when we eat out, the iPad comes out. Jude absolutely will not and cannot sit still when eating out. He will literally just get up and walk away from us (total karma because I was very similar as a child), which isn’t exactly what any parent would like their kid to do, so the iPad comes to the rescue. The app that he was playing had a glitch, the puzzle pieces weren’t lining up correctly which started the meltdown. When I tried explaining to him that the game wasn’t working and that we can try to play another one, he started to get louder. I went ahead and deleted the app and that’s when s**t hit the fan. Looking at him you would assume he was Hulk’s son. He was gripping on to the cart as if he was about to break it in half with his bare hands. Erich pulled him out of the cart to try to level with him but he brought him in the dinnerware section! Insert emoji that looks like “The Scream” painting by Edvard Munch! I mean, you don’t bring the spawn of Hulk into a fragile section like that. 

We moved to a quiet section where it was just the three of us and let him blow. There is no leveling with a child who’s completely lost it, trust me. It probably took about 15-20 minutes for him to calm down and as draining and mentally exhausting as that was, I am quite impressed with the extreme virtue of patience that we practiced. It’s so easy in moments of total chaos for a parent to lose their cool, but where will that get you? Parenting isn’t easy, meltdowns aren’t fun, but it definitely feels good when you can get through those tough moments.

Now that Jude had calmed down and drained himself of all of his energy, to the frame section we went! I had initially planned on getting the GUNNABO frame, but then we spotted one similar to it from the RIBBA series that I hadn’t seen online. Same price ($9.99), but more sleek and modern. We came, we saw, and we conquered.  

meltdowns at ikea awkward posing

First row from top to bottom: Another Adventure 

Second Row: Airplane Sketches and motorcycle 

Third Row: Mountains and Let’s go on an Adventure

All of the prints in those frames were free printables that I found online, except for the bottom left train print. I randomly found it only while google searching and took a chance by printing it out! I still want to put two more prints to put on either side. 


I already bought the BILD poster from Ikea on the left, but I’m debating on this gorgeous piece The Secret by Robert John Paterson from Worker Bee Supply CO.  What do you guys think? 


I’m sure you’ve wondered where the awkward posing comes in to all of this. I will not leave you hanging! I thought it would be nice to take some photos of my look that day. I really want to do more style posts, but I’m REALLY uncomfortable in front of the camera. I feel nerdy, awkward and slightly like an anime character with peace fingers making their way up to my face. It’s just really uncomfortable to even watch. So, I leave you with the stunning results…

meltdowns at ikea + awkward posing

meltdowns at ikea + awkward posing

meltdowns at ikea + awkward posing

meltdowns at ikea + awkward posing

meltdowns at ikea + awkward posing

Now I’m totally going to play it cool like as if my posing  was intentional and I looked like a rock star. The jacket is from H&M, but I’m not sure if they carry it in store. You can find similar here and here.  The extremely comfortable jumpsuit is from Old Navy and it’s on sale for $25.00! It’s basically like you’re wearing fancy pyjamas and when you’re a tired momma, that’s a total win! I was drooling over these boots from Aldo for a while and finally snagged them when they were on sale! Unfortunately they are back at full price and only have them in Taupe, but you can find similar here and here. The watch is from Timex, and the crossbody bag is from Ardene, although I’m not sure if they still carry it, you can find similar here and here.

How do you handle your kiddo when he or she is having a meltdown? 


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