My 5 Baby Must-Haves

There are tons of lists out there about what items you need to buy in preparation for the arrival of your baby. While most of the items are common sense (stroller, crib…) I always find it helpful when people share things we don’t really think of off the bat. Those random items that are just life savers, is what I’ll be sharing with you today. Here are my 5 baby must-haves that I couldn’t do without.


Aquaphor Healing OintmentJude has very sensitive skin and he would get rashes on his cheeks from his slobber. This multi-purpose ointment cleared his skin right up.  It’s also great for diaper rash and dry cracked skin. I still use it till this day (as well as coconut oil) during the winter.

Live Clean Baby Tearless Shampoo & Wash:  Johnson’s Baby products did not work for him at all. Like I stated before, he has very sensitive skin. It would give him little red bumps all over and I knew I had to make a switch for something more natural. That’s where Live Clean came in. They are 98% plant ingredients, petroleum free, sulfate free, tear free, paraben and phthalate free as well as hypoallergenic. I saw a difference right away and within a week his skin was back to normal. 

Boogie Wipes: I absolutely love these things! They’re made with Saline and are very gentle on the baby’s nose. Great for wiping those crusty dried up boogies without your little ones nose getting red and irritated. I always had a pack in my diaper bag.

Baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother: When we made the switch from Jude sleeping in a bassinet in our room to his crib in his own room, it was extremely difficult. When we purchased the Baby Einstein aquarium, it helped tremendously. He wasn’t crying anymore and the lights, fish and music was soothing to him. Jude is now almost 4 years old and still uses it. Unfortunately there is a con to this product. They claim to have a universal attachment but if your crib has thicker bars, then it most likely won’t fit. Hopefully this is something the company will resolve in future design updates.

CAM Baby Bagno with the Universal Stand: This was probably my biggest must-have and suggestion for any parent. Once your baby grows out of the typical baby bath that we all buy, bending over the bath tub isn’t comfortable. Jude was always in the top percentile rate for his growth, which meant he grew out of his baby bath much sooner. My back was extremely soar bending over the tub and bath time was no longer fun (for me anyway).  We went to a baby boutique and discovered this gem! It has two non slip rubber inserts, (holding up to 33lbs) one reclined seat for babies ages 0-6 months old and the other with two arm rest for babies ages 6-12 months old. There are also little storage compartments for sponge and soap as well as a shower accessory and a plug to drain the water. The baby bath securely attaches to the stand and compactly folds up. This product is bulky, so it does take up a decent amount of space but totally worth it.


What are or were some of your baby must-haves you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe via email to get notifications of new posts directly to your inbox. We can also connect on Facebook: Motherhood in Stilettos, Instagram: heyimkris and on Pinterest: Motherhood in Stilettos. 🙂 See you all on Fridays post!