You Know You’re a Parent to a Toddler When…

One Sunday evening, we were putting on a new Thomas & Friends movie we had bought over the weekend for Jude. It was about Thomas when he first arrived on the Island of Sodor. Some of the trains were not painted the same as they are today. James the number five engine who is red, was painted black in this movie. Here Erich and I were, in absolute awe of him. “WOW! He looks amazing in black!”, “I know right!?!”. Erich and I both stopped and laughed at each other realizing that first, we were way more excited about this than Jude was and secondly, it was a defining moment that without a doubt reminded us that we were parents. I know tons of moms and dads out there can relate to that.

You know you're a parent to a toddler when

You know you’re a parent to a toddler when…
  • It takes more time to get your kids in to the car, than to run the actual errand. Winter layers isn’t all that fun.
  • You fold laundry during your “free time”.
  • You realize you’re watching cartoons an hour after your kid has already gone to bed.
  • Shopping alone becomes a vacation.
  • Toys have invaded your house. Mine looks like a full-blown train station.
  • You start singing a song (when you’re alone) and it’s either Let it Go or Everything is Awesome.
  • You’re out with friends and instead of telling them you are going to the restroom, you say you have to go “pee pee”.
  • You go to take a sip of water and there is food floating around in it. Thanks Jude, but I never said I wanted to share with you.
  • You bring your toddler to the bathroom and both of you use the portable potty seat.
  • Sleep deprivation… Yes, just those two words. Need I say more!?!
  • You manage to function with 4 hours or less of sleep.
  • You and coffee are best friends.
  • Pulling out a giant booger from their nose is a huge accomplishment.
  • 4 am wake up calls happen with a very energetic little one taking a running jump in to your bed.
  • When you start calling your partner by “mommy” or “daddy”… It’s for the kids of course 😉
  • You have games on your phone for them.
  • You cut up your food in smaller pieces like you would do for them.
  • You find food in your shoes. I found a banana in my boots and it was a blast to clean.
  • You know what they are doing in the other room just by the sounds you hear.
  • Christmas movies play all year-long. How the Grinch stole Christmas seems to be the trend in our house.
  • You think you can cut hair. On my defense, Jude freaks out when you come near his hair with scissors. Cutting his hair takes at least an hour and it looks bad.
  • Despite all the hard times that come with being a parent, you would never go back to your old life without kids.

I love you Jude! You’re a pretty cool kid.

No matter what age your kids are, what else would you add? Share in the comments below!


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