What We’re Reading

Happy Monday everyone! When Jude was born, I vowed that every night we would read him books before he went to sleep. It is part of his bedtime routine that we simply can’t leave out. While some books have come and gone, there are plenty that seem to keep coming back into the lineup.

Here’s what we’re reading…


1. Where the wild things areby Maurice Sendak. This book was first published in 1963 and has become a classic. A simple and easy to follow story about a boy causing mischief and the consequences that follow. The boy has a wild imagination and the transformation of his room to where the wild things are is beautifully illustrated. Jude keeps coming back to this book and it is by far one of my favorites to read to him.

2. I am a trainby Ace Landers. A multilayered, three-dimensional board book shaped like a train. Short and simple facts about a few trains with only four pages, this is enough to please Jude and that makes me a happy momma. 

3. The going to bed bookby Sandra Boynton. We’ve read this book to Jude since he was a baby and we pretty much have the entire thing memorized. Jude loves to read along with the story and giggles at a few of my “sound effects”. It’s a great bedtime book showing a bunch of animal getting ready for bed.

4. Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?, by Bill Martin Jr. You meet a creature and he tells you who he sees. It teaches a child about colors and animals in a rhythmic repetition. We have had this book for a while, but Jude has only now discovered it. I just love hearing his little voice repeat and point out the different kind of animals and people he sees. Melts my heart. 

5. Thomas’ 123by Dean (company?). Could not find the link to this book anywhere!… It introduces basic counting to Thomas fans and the last page there is a search and find activity. Jude is OBSESSED with anything Thomas, so obviously when we stumbled upon this book he had to have it. Sure there isn’t much of a story, but Jude loves to count and I’ll totally exploit that! 

What are some of your child’s favorite bedtime books? Or maybe even some of your favorites when you were young? Share in the comments! I’d love to check them out. Hope you all have a good start to your week.


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